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Poke Client

This Sends a poke message to the client specified with clid.


clientId: The id of the client to poke
message: the message to sent

Example Usage

Imports TS3QueryLib.Core.Query
Dim strLogin As String = "serveradmin"
Dim strPassword As String = "ANicePassWord"
Dim strAddress As String = ""
Dim uShortPort As UShort = 10011

    Using queryRunner = New QueryRunner(New SyncTcpDispatcher(strAddress, uShortPort))
         Dim LoginResponse As SimpleResponse = queryRunner.Login(strLogin, strPassword)
                    If LoginResponse.IsErroneous Then
                        MessageBox.Show((LoginResponse.ErrorId + " : " + LoginResponse.ErrorMessage & vbCr & vbLf) + LoginResponse.ResponseText)
                        queryRunner.PokeClient(12, "Message of the Poke goes here.")
                    End If
                End Using

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